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The data foundation for enterprise precision medicine

Syapse software is built on a foundation of integrated clinical and molecular data, standardized across the network.


Connectivity with clinical databases, systems, and sources

Precision medicine requires centralized access to patient data that are typically siloed in electronic health records (EHRs), data warehouses, registries, and other systems. Syapse integrates patients’ clinical, pathology, radiology, treatment, lab results, and other information in a central data store to provide a single point of access.

Direct integration with molecular labs to capture structured molecular data

Today, genomic and other molecular test results are typically scanned into EHR systems and stored as unstructured data. Through direct integration with molecular diagnostics labs, Syapse enables healthcare systems to capture molecular profiles as structured data that can be used for decision support in the clinical workflow.

Common data standards across the network

Syapse standardizes and normalizes a robust set of data from multiple systems, allowing health systems to share data with other institutions, including patient demographics, cancer diagnoses, tumor genomics, tumor markers, treatments, and outcomes.

By harnessing our clinical and molecular data, and participating in data sharing through OPeN, we’ve experienced a positive halo effect as cancer care providers. The benefit of precision medicine is real and extends to our patients, administration, staff and communities.”
Lincoln Nadauld, MD
Lincoln Nadauld, MD
Executive Director of Precision Genomics, Intermountain Healthcare

In the news

Syapse Expands Into Asia With Korean Hospital Deal”

Seoul National University Cancer Hospital will install the Syapse data-aggregation platform in its 28 centers across Korea, while Megazone, a major Amazon Web Services consulting partner in Asia, will provide IT support, the three entities said today.



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