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Putting molecular data to work

Syapse brings interoperability to molecular test results so providers can make the most informed testing and treatment decisions.


Our partner labs

After ordering a test from a Syapse partner lab, care teams receive results in a standardized, easy to read format. This enables health systems to easily integrate molecular diagnostics data into clinical workflows and decision-making.

Once a lab is integrated, Syapse can quickly activate it for each customer.

Our interoperability process

We work with each lab to understand their testing, map our data standards accordingly, and help their tests meet our data interchange standards.

  • Full structured test results

    Syapse has established a standard to enable structured exchange between labs and health systems, from a single expression marker to complex next-generation sequencing (NGS) somatic results and everything in between.

  • Single integration point

    Syapse works with labs to accept all molecular test results for all cancer patients at a health system.

Integrated labs include: