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"Detroit should serve as model for expanding advanced cancer care"

Just as Henry Ford himself, perhaps one of the greatest innovators in the modern era, changed how cars were manufactured and made available for large populations more than a century ago, we now want Detroit to be known again for innovation — this time for revolutionizing how cancer care is delivered.


"Q&A With Syapse CEO Ken Tarkoff"

Our focus is on improving outcomes for cancer patients. We are, at the highest level, doing what we can to improve outcomes.


"Throw out the fax machines: The cancer world needs to modernize molecular test reporting"

We now know that precision medicine not only works but can lead to better outcomes and quality of life. These benefits will expand exponentially as more providers adopt precision medicine, as they will have a much larger pool of real-world data to inform their insights.


"We could do more to fight cancer like McCain’s. The government won’t let us."

For us to get closer to a treatment for McCain and the thousands of patients that will come after him, physicians and researchers need to be able to easily share data. We need to tear down the wall between the data so that we can radically reduce the lag between insights and treatment.


"Syapse president: Precision medicine is the reality of cancer care"

Precision medicine is providing better outcomes and better quality of life for advanced cancer patients today. That is why precision medicine is not only the future of cancer care, but it is also the present reality of cancer care.


"Make no mistake: Cuts to healthcare won’t be superficial "

Precision oncology is at a critical inflection point: it’s gaining wide popularity with hospital systems and their oncologists are rushing to make it part of routine cancer care. Now is when we need to be doubling down on precision medicine, accelerating its spread to as many practitioners and patients as we can.


"Aurora Health Care launches Oncology Precision Medicine program"

The clinic will help clinicians provide more care options for patients using new technology not yet available in Wisconsin called Syapse. Syapse is a leading precision medicine software system bringing together previously fragmented clinical, molecular, treatment and outcomes data to support complex clinical decisions.


"University of Miami Health System partners with Palo Alto startup"

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center will launch the new precision medicine initiative using a software platform created by Palo Alto company Syapse. Syapse’s platform centralizes, organizes and presents structured clinical and genomic data, giving doctors access to the world’s largest reservoir of oncology information.


"Palo Alto startup that fights cancer with software hires CEO"

Palo Alto-based precision medicine startup Syapse announced Wednesday that it’s hiring former RelayHealth executive Ken Tarkoff as its new CEO.