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  • Pneumonitis incidence in patients with non-small cell lung cancer treated with immunotherapy or chemotherapy in clinical trials and real-world data | AACR 2020 Abstract and Plenary Session Presentation
  • An algorithmic approach to deriving line of therapy in a real-world data set for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) | ASCO 2019 Abstract
  • Deriving real-world oral antineoplastic treatment endpoints: A comparison of automated data extraction versus manual chart abstraction | ASCO 2019 Abstract
  • A hybrid ontology and graph system enabling precision oncology applications through real-time incorporation of omics biomarkers into a scalable real-world data platform | AACR 2019 Poster
  • Reportable actionability versus pragmatic actionability: Implementing precision medicine at three large health systems | ASCO 2018 Poster
  • Research and Reimbursement in the Age of Precision Medicine | Friends-Alexandria Blueprint for Breakthrough Forum 2018 Whitepaper
  • Successful automated normalization of cancer outcomes for half a million patients across four disparate health systems | ASCO 2018 Abstract
  • The role of real-world evidence in clinical care: A survey of oncology leaders | ASCO 2018 Abstract


  • Case Study: Precision Oncology at Aurora Health Care
  • Case Study: Data Capture at Seoul National University Hospital
  • Standing Up Precision Medicine: 7 Informed Practices for Leading Health Systems
  • The future is bright for precision medicine in South Korea” (SNUH, Nature Research)
  • Implementing an Oncology Precision Medicine Clinic in a Large Community Health System” (Thompson et al., AJMC 2017)
  • Role of Community-Based Genomics Programs” (Thomas D. Brown, JCO Precision Oncology 2017)
  • Impact of a personalized medicine research program (PMRP), using targeted tumor profiling and a cloud based clinical trials matching platform, on clinical decision-making” (Thomas D. Brown et al., AACR 2017)
  • Building a Personalized Medicine Program” (Thomas D. Brown, ACCC 2015)