Integrated Clinical & Molecular Data

Unified, longitudinal view of a patient’s clinical history.

The effective use of molecular data to practice precision medicine can only take place in the context of a patient’s clinical history. Syapse integrates patients’ clinical, treatment, and outcome data with structured molecular data from testing laboratories in a central data store.

Connectivity with clinical databases, systems, and sources.

Precision medicine requires centralized access to patient data that are typically siloed away in EHRs, data warehouses, registries, and other systems. Syapse enables healthcare systems to capture patients’ clinical, pathology, radiology, treatment, lab results, and other data in a central data store to provide a single point of access.

Direct integration with molecular testing labs for capture of structured molecular data.

Today, genomic and other molecular test results are typically scanned into EHR systems and stored as unstructured data. Through direct integration with molecular diagnostics labs, Syapse enables healthcare systems to capture molecular profiles as structured data that can be used for decision support, matching patients to drugs and trials, quality improvement, and research.

Syapse Precision Medicine Platform

Make precision medicine a part of routine clinical care.

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