Decision Support & Best-Practice Automation

Rules-based matching to molecularly targeted drugs and therapies.

Physicians don’t always have time to ensure that clinical practice keeps up to date with the latest standards and evidence. Syapse software enables healthcare systems to automatically suggest therapies targeted to a patient’s molecular and clinical profile, based on institutional guidelines captured in the organization’s Syapse knowledge base.

Automated matching of patients to clinical trials, based on select criteria.

Too many patients miss out on potentially relevant clinical trials because remembering and reviewing eligibility criteria is a manual, time-consuming process and critical patient data are often difficult to find. With Syapse, healthcare systems automatically identify candidate patient-trial matches based on molecular profile, clinical data, demographics, and other structured criteria, freeing valuable clinician time.

Standardized workflow for case review panels.

Referral of challenging cases to expert panels plays an important role in the quickly advancing field of precision medicine, but these panels lack tools to systematically present patient data and ensure that guidance is implemented. With Syapse, healthcare systems enable their case review boards to access comprehensive patient data, confer asynchronously without the need to meet in real-time, and capture their guidance for automatic delivery to physicians and future query in outcomes research.

Syapse Precision Medicine Platform

Make precision medicine a part of routine clinical care.

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