Posted By Ken 06/02/2017

The Washington Post published a story this weekend that sums up why I am so excited about the future of precision medicine. The article is the story of Stefanie, a 23-year-old with colon cancer, who wasn’t responding to chemotherapy and seemingly had nowhere left to turn. Luckily, she had a sister that refused to accept that there wasn’t something better available and, on her own, she discovered a clinical trial underway at Johns Hopkins University. This story is one of millions out there that exemplifies why we need to substantially improve access to information for providers and patients dealing with cancer.

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Posted By Ken 03/15/2017

Thirteen years ago, my father sat me down for the hardest conversation of my life. He told me that he had been diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer, and as a physician, he knew all too well what that meant – less than a ten percent chance of living five more years. That experience was my first close personal encounter with this devastating disease, but it would not be my last. In the years since, my mother-in-law passed away from lung cancer and too many other friends and family members have battled this terrible disease.

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Posted By Jonathan 12/08/2016

Syapse is excited and encouraged by the passage of the 21st Century Cures Act. The continued funding of the Cancer Moonshot and Precision Medicine Initiative illustrates our government's commitment to fight cancer and support medical innovation. Most importantly, it ensures timely access to lifesaving therapies by encouraging the use of real-world evidence for drug approvals. The Cures Act leaves us optimistic about the future of medicine in America, where patients are treated with precise, individualized care. Syapse is dedicated to the goals embodied in the Cures Act through developing and delivering software to improve care, reduce costs and improve the patient experience through precision medicine.

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Posted By Sanam 11/16/2016

Watch Vice President Joe Biden and Cancer Moonshot participants discuss the need for fundamental changes in the fight to end cancer. Jonathan Hirsch, Founder & President of Syapse, describes Syapse’s contribution to Cancer Moonshot efforts. See the year-end progress report of the Cancer Moonshot Task Force

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Posted By Andro 03/15/2016

Want to understand how healthcare systems and payers are approaching precision medicine? Watch this video of Syapse Founder & President Jonathan Hirsch moderating the panel "Clinical Implementation of Precision Medicine Programs" at the Personalized Medicine World Conference 2016.

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Posted By Andro 03/14/2016

As part of Intermountain Healthcare's Healthy Dialogues series, Jonathan Hirsch describes how Syapse enabled Intermountain to build an end-to-end precision oncology program that increased drug procurement rates and doubled progression-free survival for advanced cancer patients.

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Posted By Jordan 02/17/2016

Learn from Jason Gillman and Jonathan Hirsch about how Intermountain leveraged Syapse, running on Amazon Web Services, to address the expanding precision medicine needs of Intermountain's local physicians and their national affiliates. (You can read more about our work with Intermountain and download a detailed case study here.)

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Posted By Lauren 12/22/2015

Jonathan Hirsch recently teamed up with Oliver Wyman Associate, Terrance Wallace, to discuss the use of precision medicine to revolutionize clinical workflows.

Posted By Samantha 10/27/2015

According to the American Cancer Society, “Fewer than 5% of adults (less than 1 in 20) with cancer will take part in a clinical trial…. The main reason people give for not taking part in a clinical trial is that they didn’t know the studies were an option for them.”

In an age where clinical trials of molecularly-targeted therapies are often the best care options available to cancer patients, this low participation rate seems like a gaping hole in oncology practice. Why do clinical trial sponsors and sites struggle with the seemingly simple task of signing up participants? The truth is that it’s hard for clinicians to track which trials are applicable to which patients and stay aware of new trials. On top of this, the process for identifying suitable trials is manual and error-prone, leading to missed treatment opportunities and trials that struggle to find participants.

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Posted By Lauren 10/20/2015

On October 13th, Jonathan Hirsch sat with GuideWell's Kate Warnock at the 2015 Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit to discuss what is needed to bring precision medicine into widespread clinical use. Check out the interview below: 

Posted By Jordan 10/19/2015

As community health systems adopt precision medicine, providing a roadmap for implementation of a precision medicine program is a key part of our mission at Syapse. Dr. Thomas Brown of Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) published their roadmap in an article in the ACCC’s publication Oncology Issues, “Building a Personalized Medicine Program.” In this article, Dr. Brown paints a vivid picture of SCI’s decision strategy and chosen path in implementing one of the nation’s most comprehensive precision medicine programs. The result is a story of making hard decisions and formulating best practices that other institutions considering a formal precision medicine program might use as a guide.  

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Posted By Lauren 10/16/2015

Syapse is proud to join leaders in the fields of precision medicine and public policy in support of the Manhattan Institute's Project FDA - a call for the FDA to engage doctors, patients and tech to keep FDA regulation apace with innovation.

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Posted By Andro 09/25/2015

We’re happy to announce that a poster that we co-authored with our customer Sanford Health was chosen as a Featured Poster at the Individualizing Medicine 2015 conference hosted by the Mayo Clinic earlier this week. The poster, “Rapid implementation of a system-wide, high-throughput, EHR-integrated pharmacogenetics clinical service through cloud-based software automation,” describes how Syapse Precision Medicine Platform? enabled Sanford to integrate pharmacogenetics test results into clinical workflow. The Syapse platform automated what was previously a manual, labor-intensive, and error-prone process, streamlined the delivery of clinically actionable results to the electronic medical record, and enabled real-time alerts in the electronic medical record at the time of drug ordering.

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Posted By Andro 08/26/2015

We’re excited to be working with UCSF to extend the reach of precision medicine beyond cancer and into pathogen detection. Each year, underdiagnosis of pneumonia, sepsis, or encephalitis/meningitis in hospital patients results in tens of thousands of avoidable deaths, millions of excess days in the hospital, and more than $10 billion in additional costs to the healthcare system. Syapse has partnered with UCSF to apply precision medicine to this critical problem. With a $1.2 million award from the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine (announced in August), UCSF will develop a clinical metagenomic test for pathogen detection, partnering with Syapse to integrate test results and clinical decision support into the EMR.  

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Posted By Andro 05/14/2015

A leading cancer center estimates that “currently only 10% to 20% of patients with actionable mutations actually end up on a [targeted] drug or in a trial.”* How can this be? And what can we do about it?

Posted By Andro 03/20/2015

Earlier this year at the Personalized Medicine World Conference 2015 in Silicon Valley, Founder & President Jonathan Hirsch moderated the panel "Genomic Profiling Moving Into Routine Clinical Care." The room was packed to standing room only, and attendees heard how four prominent cancer programs--all Syapse customers--are making tumor sequencing a routine part of cancer care.

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Posted By Andro 12/23/2014

Syapse for Providers’ latest feature is a dashboard-like interface that pulls a patient’s clinical history from various data sources and visualizes it over time. It provides easy access to molecular test results from internal or sendout labs along with any recommended clinical actions.

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Posted By Andro 12/12/2014

Syapse is proud to be a sponsor of She’s Geeky – Bay Area 2015!

Posted By Mark 12/11/2014

I’m Mark Tsimelzon, and this is my first blog post as Syapse’s VP, Engineering. I joined Syapse three weeks ago from Yahoo, where I led a sizable team building petabyte-scale data systems. In this post, I’d like to tell you why I decided to join Syapse.

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Posted By Andro 12/04/2014

In case you weren't able to see it in person, Jonathan Hirsch's recent talk with Kristen McCaleb of UCSF and Nate Slater of AWS at AWS re:Invent is available below or at YouTube.  You can also view the slides in detail below or at SlideShare. Thanks to Amazon Web Services for the opportunity!

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