Syapse enables healthcare systems to implement precision medicine programs, streamlining operations and improving clinical outcomes.

Leading healthcare providers use Syapse.

Precision medicine requires a better approach to health IT.

The Problem

Genomic and molecular data, such as tumor genome profiles, have become essential for diagnosing molecular subtypes of disease and for determining appropriate therapeutic interventions. However, clinicians are increasingly overwhelmed when trying to incorporate these new data types into clinical decisions. Hospital EMRs and other IT systems cannot handle the scale, volume, and complexity of genomic and molecular data. Understanding implications of genomic and molecular data is much more complex than for standard lab tests, requiring ever-changing interpretation, transformation of complex knowledge into actionable guidance, and continuous monitoring of outcomes.

The Syapse Approach

Syapse enables healthcare providers to deliver actionable insights from genomic and molecular data at point of care. Through an intuitive web interface, clinicians see a comprehensive view of a patient’s clinical history integrated with molecular profiles from internal or external labs. Clinical decision support based on institutional guidelines and knowledge improves the accuracy of diagnoses and treatment decisions. With Syapse software, clinicians seamlessly order MDx tests, initiate drug procurement, enroll patients in molecularly matched trials, and capture outcomes. Over time, Syapse customers use this growing evidence base to uncover patterns and improve quality of care.

Empower your healthcare organization with the tools of precision medicine.

Integrate molecular data into clinical workflow.

Tailor decision support to organizational best practices.

Extend your expertise across physician networks.